Smash Boats is a single-player action game, with gameplay inspired by the golden age of arcade games. The goal is to smash, bash and thrash your way through arenas full of bizarre pools with one of the many unique smash boats. Sounds easy? With relentless enemies, zany mayday events and unusual water hazards and obstacles trying to hinder your progress, the goal is anything but easy! Water you wading for???

Smash House Games presents
Smash Boats™


Vail, Colorado Smash House Games, an independent game studio founded by veteran game developers, announced today that their action game, Smash Boats ™ will be available in 2020!

In this water-based action game, a player starts out as a pencil-wielding school bus and has to smash, bash and thrash through a chain of pools by sinking enemy boats, collecting energy to stay afloat, and avoiding crazy hazards – all while trying to beat the high score!

Smash Boats includes many unique pools to smash in, including a bathtub, a pool table and even a toilet! The game features 16 distinctive boats to unlock and upgrade, each with its own characteristics and functionality.

“Being old-school gamers, we wanted to create a game that reminded us of the classic arcade games that we grew up playing and also developed.” said Jeff Johnson, co-founder and CEO, Smash House Games. “Smash Boats is a simple game to control but a difficult game to master!”

The cast of BOATS

So water you waiting for? Put on your game face, grab the helm and start smashing! Can you stay afloat long enough to conquer the arena? The challenge awaits…

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