Left to Right: Jeff, Genco, Tommy

CTO and Design: Jeff Johnson

My development career has spanned 28+ years including developing games and SaaS products. I started my career at Midway Games where I helped create top-tier pinball games, top-rated coin-op sport games as well as a soccer game for the home console market. My responsibilities ranged from UX design and development, game play and AI programming to team management for 7 years. From there, I moved to Austin, Texas and started a game studio funded by a major publisher to create a cutting-edge game using Unreal Engine 3. Due to publisher politics that studio went debunk and that’s when I decided to move into the business software arena with my father. I became part of the Swiftpage team for 10 years, where I held a few high-tier software positions working on the e-marketing SaaS platform and online template builder. Fast forward to 2012 and my journey went full circle back to video games. Since that time I have shipped a PC/MAC game, shipped a toy-companion app on iOS, shipped two two slot machine games and last but not least, I founded Smash House Games with some friends to design, implement and release our mobile game, Smash Boats, to the iOS platform utilizing Unity3D tech.

Art and design: Tommy Spampinato

I started my career starting at 1996 and I am still professionally make video games today. I specialize in environment art but sometimes I work as a generalist doing UI art, VFX key frame animator. Using the skills that I developed through the years and working with many game editors and digital tools, I was able to handle the art creation for Smash Boats while contributing to the game design.  My online portfolio is at

VP of Engineering and Design: Genco Serpen

Business Manager: Denise Cheng

Voice Over:  JC Cheng, Jeffrey Johnson, Denise Cheng

Music Provided By: Hard Proof and Public Hi-Fi

We would like to thank our family and friends for helping us with the game.

Stephanie Rudolf and Game Testers:  Zack Pride, Kash Kedrowski, Colin Bohling, and Natahly, Aubrey and Annahlise Evanoff