— Vail, CO – June 26, 2019 —

A quick update for our fellow Smashers. We have just submitted our story, app, and other necessary data to the App Store to be considered for a featured app! Our official world-wide launch date is August 13, 2019 – Let’s Go Smash!

— Vail, CO – May 22, 2019 —

Huge update to Smash Boats, version 1.78.1, released to the Turkish iOS App Store today. This update adds features like Leaderboards, Achievements, polished UI, improved performance and so much more! Download now!

— Vail, CO – April 12, 2019 —

We are currently undergoing a soft launch of Smash Boats ™ in the Turkish iOS market! We will be collecting game analytics and feedback for about 2 weeks. Then we’ll fix any bugs and implement reasonable gameplay tweaks based provided feedback.

So look for Smash Boats ™ releasing on iOS, world-wide in a few short months!